This site was developed to share photos and information about my HO Traction modeling as represented in four Town & Country Traction Company modules of Gotham City as well as other traction dioramas, layouts and modeling projects. 

Over a dozen Project Articles have been included for download.  Topics range from special effect lighting circuits to various DCC related projects.  A full description, project code and sample sounds are available for several traction sounds projects developed for the Digitrax sound decoders.

Several new Digitrax Sound Projects have been developed and are available to the modeling community without charge.  These include sounds for a Pre-War Air PCC Streetcar and a Post-War All-Electric PCC Streetcar.  See the Projects page for information and files to download.

The fully automated O-Scale trolley diorama previously installed at the Charlotte Trolley Powerhouse Museum, has been dismantled.  Some components have been installed on my home layout.

Four of my Gotham City HO dioramas have been donated to the Charlotte Trolley's Powerhouse Museum. From all reports, the kids are having great fun with the exhibit.  The Museum folks have done a great job with the signage, identifying aspects of Charlotte's history with the modules on display.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Gotham City HO dioramas have been moved to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC.

They can be seen in the Roundhouse adjacent to the Doris Duke car.

And here's two views of my FORMER home shelf layout.  Both the Fox Hill & Metuchen Railroad and the Fox Hill Traction Company are represented in the era 1930s layout.  This layout has been dismantled with portions moved to a new layout.


I hope you enjoy the photos and information.  Please use the Feedback & Links page to email your comments and suggestions.

Fred Miller


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