Gotham City

T&CTCo.Birney No.21 rumbles down Main St.

Car No.21 pauses before entering Front St.

No.20 squeezes through traffic on Railroad Ave

Interurban No.10 squeals around Eastern Rd

Panoramic view of the entire Gotham City module

Car No.20 on Railroad Ave

Western end of Gotham City

Center view of Gotham City


Upper Gotham

Wedding at First Presbyterian Church of Gotham

Corner of Church and School House Rd

Mansions of Upper Gotham

Panaramic view of Upper Gotham module

Summer afternoon in Upper Gotham

The Trolley Car is due any minute

One of Upper Gotham's finest in homes

Waiting for the Interurban for a ride out of town

The band strikes up almost every evening


East Gotham

T&CTCo.Freight Motor  No.1 does some work.

Activity at Car Barn.

No.10 emerges from under Erie RR viaduct

Erie RR freight rumbles over viaduct

Broad view of East Gotham industries

Activity at Standard Wagons factory spur

T&CTCo. industrial spurs

T&CTCo. Power House

Panoramic view of the entire East Gotham module


    Gotham County

Destination: Gotham Electric Park.

Relaxing at the Park before the ride home.

Cool Breezes at the Electric Park


Carousel rides for everyone.

T&CTCo No.10 nears the Road House stop.

No.10 starts the journey back to the city.

Drop the mail and the milk at the Nine Mile House.

A quick stop at the Farm Flag Stop.

No.10 flies through the countryside


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