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SPJHELPER software was developed as an aid in the construction of "Sound Projects" for the Digitrax SFX sound decoders.  The program operates in two modes: one for simple non-technical design of Sound Projects, and the other for the experienced programmer wishing to use easy access to the necessary tools.  The latter mode also provides tools for viewing and analyzing existing SPJ (Sound Project) files. Four example sound projects, designed using the simple design mode, are included with the installation.

A Descriptive .pdf file can be downloaded from HERE.

SPJHELPER software Download Instructions:

(1) Download a FREE copy of the latest version of SPJHELPER (6.2) Installation from
HERE (big 18+ MB File). This is a ZIP file which will have to be un-zipped to produce the SPJInstall.exe file.  Read the Installation Notes in the zip file prior to running the SPJInstall

(2) Follow the instructions presented during the installation
             accepting default settings when presented

SPJVIEWER software is a subset of the full SPJHELPER. It provides a quick and easy way to display the components of an existing SPJ (Sound Project) file.  It shows what Digitrax SFX decoder is necessary and displays the characteristics of the sound clips included in the SPJ.  The sounds can be played and no changes are made to the SPJ.  No other software is necessary.  A zip file with the installation files can be downloaded from HERE.  Unzip the files and run 'setup'


The current versions of SPJHelper V6.0 and SPJVIEWER V1.0 support projects for both the new Digitrax Series-6 Premium decoders (4 voices, 12 and 16 bit wave files) and the Legacy/Standard decoders.  Both programs have been tested to run on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs.

Please report any download/installation problems to Fred Miller at
tractionfan@aol.com  Other problems and suggestions are welcome.

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