Trolley Time Challenge
Version 1.3, (©) 1996-2002, Challenge Products

Challenge Products presents TROLLEY TIME CHALLENGE. Another great RAILROAD-ORIENTED PC game/simulation from Challenge Products. Now it's traction... on your Windows PC with authentic trolley sounds and controls!

INTRODUCTION: Trolley Car history began in the latter part of the 1800s and blossomed through the early 1900s with most towns and cities boasting networks of trolley tracks. Trolley Time Challenge is a Windows 9x based simulation of those nostalgic Street Car trolley operations. Animation of street car, controller, air brake, trolley pole and all necessary controls are reinforced by realistic graphics and sounds. The operation of a Birney Street car through an assigned route provides insight into the challenges of prototype trolley operations and perhaps brings back the nostalgia of the noisy, clanking street cars of the past.

The simulated trolley car controls are based on real controls including a representation of the Type K Controller with 5 operating "points" and a straight air brake control with Release-Lap-Service positions. Air pump operations and circuit breaker tripping are also featured to enhance the realism of trolley car operation. Door operation is simulated and passenger entry/exit is depicted in both graphics and sound.

The operator must take on the role of the "Motorman" and not only master the operation of these controls, but also maneuver his car through the streets following an assigned route. The safe operation of the street car is ensured by a number of Company Rules which must be followed or fines will negate revenue achieved. To add to the challenge, a number of unforeseen problems will present themselves, including trolley pole de-wire and car crashes resulting from excessive speed or careless operation.

PROGRAM OPERATION: Five basic program menu operations are included at the upper left portion of the standard Windows screen under pull down menu headings. These include: RESTART; OPTIONS; QUIT; HELP; and ABOUT... In addition to the above menu operations, the screen presents useful status information for the Trolley Car operator, including: EARNINGS; OPERATOR & TIME; and a JOURNAL.

TROLLEY CONTROLS: Seven Trolley Operation Controls and three status meters are presented in the TROLLEY CONTROLS PANEL. These controls are all that is needed to run the Trolley Car in a manner very close to a prototype trolley. The controls include: POLE; CIRCUIT-BREAKER; GONG; THROTTLE CONTROLLER; DIRECTION LEVER; AIR BRAKE; DOOR CONTROLS. In addition to these seven controls, three other displays are also in the Trolley Car Operations Panel. These are: SPEED GAUGE; AIR BRAKE PRESSURE; and ON BOARD PASSENGER COUNT

The CONTROLLER is a simulated Type K controller with four operational positions, called points, in addition to an OFF. The four positions produce progressively faster car operation. Safety provisions are built in so that improper use of the controller will result in a CIRCUIT BREAKER trip.

The AIR BRAKE Control simulates a typical straight air brake system. The control has three positions: Release, Lap and Service. The car brakes are engaged when air is allowed to enter the brake line. This is done by moving the Brake Lever to SERVICE. The brake lever is then moved to LAP position and the brakes will remain on at that brake force. Moving the lever to the Release position allows air to escape from the Brake line, thereby releasing the brakes. Operating the Trolley Car braking system will take some practice for those who have not used an air brake system before. The operation is quite different than applying brakes by pressing on a pedal as in automobile operations.

As in many prototype street trolley systems, the direction of TRACK SWITCHES can be controlled by the motorman. If the trolley is drawing current (throttle is on, not coasting) while the trolley car approaches the switch at the location marked with a white stripe across the track, the switch will throw to the right-hand route, either straight or diverging. If power is not on as the trolley passes the white stripe, the switch will be set for the left-hand route, either straight or diverging.

COMPANY RULES: TROLLEY TIME operation is governed by a set of official Rules and Regulations. These are spelled out in the same manner as street car company rules of the early part of this century. The Rules and Regulations form the nucleus of trolley car operation and cover such topics as routes, stopping locations, switch operation, as well as all the built in safety precautions.

FINES & REVENUES are accrued in the operation of TROLLEY TIME including provision for the following: Pole De-wire; Car Crash; Trip Breaker; Lost Passenger; Missed Stop; Missed Gong; Off Route; Door opened - not stop; Excessive Speeds; No brake test; Power Costs; and revenues earned.

TROLLEY TIME can be operated in several EXPERIENCE LEVELs including: PRACTICE, APPRENTICE, and JOURNEYMAN. In practice mode, all car controls are functional but no route is assigned and time limits are not in effect. Apprentice mode adds routes, time limits and warnings about Rules infractions, however no Fines are levied. Journeyman mode adds the exposure to Fines as well as a number of unpredictable "challenges."

HELP FACILITIES: A full featured, standard Windows HELP facility is provided which will display, on screen, descriptions of all of the operating controls, full listing of the Company Rules & Regulations, and maps of the assigned Routes. The HELP facility has full cross-indexed searching so access to answers about operating questions is readily at hand.

Another feature is provided which demonstrates the assigned route right on the street display. This may be useful for beginning motorman when they may have forgotten which way to turn on their assigned route.

SOUND OPTION: TROLLEY TIME enhances the motorman's experience with authentic trolley sounds appropriate for the various functions. SOUND will be enabled if your PC is equipped with the standard Windows multimedia sound support. If your PC is not so equipped, standard PC bells will be used for certain warnings.

PC CONSIDERATIONS: TROLLEY TIME operates in a Windows 9x environment, optionally supporting Windows multimedia sound facilities (e.g., Sound Blaster, etc.) Although Trolley Car operation can be performed with the NUMERIC KEYBOARD, mouse clicking will probably be preferred. The program supports either 16 or 256 colors in a 640x480 or more, pixel screen resolution, (VGA, super VGA, etc.). The program may operate in 4 Megabytes of internal PC memory, but not supporting 256 colors. 8 Megabytes, or more, is the preferred environment. Operating with less internal memory is possible but slows the program by extensive hard disk usage. 3¼ Megabytes of hard disk space is used to save the program files at PROGRAM INSTALLATION. TROLLEY TIME is distributed on an autoload CDROM.

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